Sunday, October 21, 2007


Went to the NY Sheep & Wool Festival today in Rhinebeck, NY. The weather was beautiful although a lil warm for wool shopping but none the less an awesome day. I didn't think it was as crowded as previous years but thats good as I hate crowds. I bought some awesome leather handles for a felted bag I made, this neat contraption to store your sock needles in that lets the sock your working on hang out and you won't loose your stitches, some pencil roving.... hoping it will help me with my spinning and some nice bulky light tourquise, cream, and brown solid to make some hats. I met Mel & David from Maine.... feel like I know them both just from reading Mel's blog every day. Had some great lamb chilli too. Was a long day but well worth it. I just love the atmosphere and always fun to spend the day with my good friends Joan of Jenny Jump Farm (where Helen lives) and Connie. They both work with me!